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Q: How do I separate the laminate from the liner?Vandal Guard™

A: (SEE PHOTO) The easiest way is to use tape.  Apply one piece to the lam and another to the liner near the corner and pull apart.  Then just web your laminator like any other cold laminate.  The clear liner may be a bit more difficult to separate at first than paper, but it eliminates "orange peel" often found on laminates with a paper liner and allows for ultra smooth adhesive overlay enhancing the color and depth of images

Q: Is Vandal Guard™ a cast or calendared laminate?

A: Vandal Guard is neither due to the fact that it is not a PVC vinyl.  Vandal Guard is specially formulated to not shrink or expand and is designed for application over cast or calendared vinyl or directly to flat substrates due to its dimensional stability. 

Q: What size is Vandal Guard™ available?

A: Currently Vandal Guard's standard sizes are 60-in., 54-in. and 36-in. widths by 100-ft. rolls.  Contact us for custom size requests.

Q: Can I use Vandal Guard™ over one-way window perforated graphics?

A: YES.  It is approved for use over flat window perforated graphics such as business store front windows (no contoured vehicles).

Q: How do I clean graffiti from Vandal Guard™?

A: Most graffiti removal products available at any major home goods store will easily remove graffiti from Vandal Guard.  Also, solvents such as acetone, naptha, and lacquer thinner have proven to be effective.  NOTE: DO NOT use an abrasive sponge.  Any cleaning agents should be applied generously using a soft cloth or towel with light pressure.

Q: The dry erase laminate I am currently using is delaminating where customers frequently write with dry erase markers.  How is Vandal Guard™ superior to other dry erase laminates on the market?

A: Vandal Guard is made with a completely different material than other “dry erase” laminates.  Most dry erase laminates on the market are made from polypropylene which is NOT designed for frequent, long term, industrial applications or outdoor use.  Furthermore, repeated use of dry erase markers will actually cause polypropylene to separate from PVC vinyl and the substrate over time causing delamination in the areas of frequent use.  Many of the major manufacturers of polypropylene dry erase laminates are now realizing this and changing their product bulletins due to an overwhelming number of complaints.  Vandal Guard’s proprietary composition resists chemical attack including permanent marker, spray paint, acrylics and of course dry erase markers and will not delaminate with frequent use.  (NOTE: For dry erase applications most any brand of black dry erase marker is suitable.  For colors we have found Trend Enterprises Inc. "WIPE-OFF" markers to work the best. as well as EXPO BRIGHTSTICKS.  Vandal Guard™ will outlast and outperform any polypropylene dry erase product on the market.  See for yourself: Request a FREE Sample

Have a question?  Don't hesitate to call us: (800) 652-5783 or e-mail: info@vandalguardusa.com

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