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Thanks to Dan Schoepf from INSTANT SIGNS CYPRESS for submitting these before and after photos.  Luckily this sign was laminated with VANDAL GUARD™ as it was tagged immediately after the install.  The sign was printed on Briteline, Grimco, Inc's private label print media and applied to aluminum composite.  Using nothing more than a little paint thinner and a rag, the sign was easily and immediately cleaned and returned to like new condition!  


FASTSIGNS in Albuqueque, N.M:

Vandal Guard

Photos courtesy of Sign & Digital Graphics magazine

Rey Cordova and FASTSIGNS in Albuquerque, N.M, created this project for Sage Brush community church, developing a "Kids Planet" theme.  Printing was done with an Epson GS6000, ripped with Onyx, printed on Dreamscape luster wall covering and laminated with VANDAL GUARD™ Anti-Graffiti Laminate.

Vandal Guard Anti Graffiti Laminate Vandal Guard Anti-Graffiti Laminate

Photos submitted by: KWSignShop.com

This sign is over 2 years old and this is the 3rd time this sign has been tagged and cleaned.

The signs are printed on Aspire (Denco Sales private label) 5 year vinyl using a Roland Versacamm VP-540 and laminated with VANDAL GUARD™ using a Royal Sovereign RSC 1400-C cold laminator and applied to 3mm aluminum composite. 

This sign was tagged with graffiti on both sides.  Using economical SoSafe graffiti remover and a large towel both sides of the sign were clean in about 20 minutes total returning the sign to like new condition.

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