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Product Bulletin

Vandal Guard Anti Graffiti Laminate Product Bulletin  Vandal Guard Product Bulletin      

Cleaning Instructions for Vandal Guard Anti Graffiti Laminate  How To Clean Vandal Guard

Cleaning Instructions for Vandal Guard Anti Graffiti Laminate  Tips for laminating with Vandal Guard

VANDAL GUARD™ Anti-Graffiti LaminateVANDAL GUARD™ Anti-Graffiti Laminate is a specially formulated overlaminate designed to protect screen and digitally printed images and signs from a wide variety of stains and chemicals including paint and permanent marker.  Graffiti can be easily removed using common economical cleaners without damaging or dulling the surface of the laminate.

 VANDAL GUARD™ is designed to be applied over signs & graphics printedVANDAL GUARD™ with inks that have long light-fastness such as solvent, eco-solvent, latex, etc. Apply over both cast and calendared vinyl with a cold laminator or by hand and mount to flat, rigid substrates or contour cut and use for industrial grade decals. VANDAL GUARD™ also works great for indoor/outdoor dry erase applications and flat window perf graphics

(NOTE: For dry erase applications most any brand of black marker is suitable.  Furthermore, EXPO BRIGHT STICKS have proven to stand up to the test of time as well as Trend Enterprises Inc. "WIPE-OFF" markers.  No brand of Green marker is recommended at this time for long-term dry erase applications due to the resins causing slight "ghosting" with repeated dry removal.)

VANDAL GUARD™ Features & Benefits:

Graffiti-Resistant Surface    Spray paint and permanent marker easily wipes away with economical cleaners 
High Gloss Finish Signs and graphics have a classy professional look with enhanced color and depth
Ultra Clear Permanent Adhesive Long lasting bond to the vinyl and/or substrate eliminating premature delamination and also allows for use with window perforated graphics on flat surfaces 
Clear Poly Liner Ultra smooth adhesive overlay eliminating "orange peel" often found on laminates with a paper liner
Dry Erasable Surface Eliminates the need to stock numerous laminates 

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